🍑💫✨||Too Faced|| Sweet Peach Palette ||1st Beauty/Makeup Product Review||✨💫🍑

This is not a sponsored advertisement *

All opinions and views are my own and they’re honest and the 100% truth for my personal preference ✨ I am not a professional this is just my views and opinions and thoughts that I want to share with you in such a fabulous item of makeup  and so there you go☺️
* The Online Description of the product• a little insight to the product professionally •

•Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.•

•More details of the product •

* infused with the skin-loving essence of peach

* Smells like peaches

* Rich, pigmented shadows offer true color payoff

* Complementary for all skin tones

* Everything you need to create limitless, timeless and modern looks

* 18 Eye Shadows 0.95g/0.03 Oz.

* Total Net Weight 17.1g/0.54Oz.

* *(ingredients in this product will be online )*

✨✨ My Review ✨✨
Hello, you beautiful people🌸


Today I thought I would write a blog post on reviewing the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette 🍑 which is one of my favourite makeup products ever ! No lie.

I’d be lost without it .. all my opinions are 100% truthful and I will say what I think of the product honestly.
Early January just after Christmas I bought it along with a few various other beauty items from Debenhams and the sum came to around £95 or so but it was a treat from the Christmas money I gratefully received ,

I’ve never really thought of a few products I’ve wanted for so long and wishing to have them then and there to just go online and purchase them within a few clicks ..

BING..BANG..BOSH = purchased .. it was crazy most of the time I have to wait or I am ‘umming and arghing’ whether I want it 100% or whether I was definitely sure .. But I knew this purchase was something I had waited on for what seemed to be a lifetime and was certain I wanted it .. and so I just went ahead and got something that changed my makeup game personally I love it so much! It is such a game changer in my eyes 👁

The ultimate pay off is insane 💁🏼

It’s summer heaven 🍑

I will definitely be buying a new one of these when the time comes to say goodbye to this fella ! A repurchase is a 100% YES !
As soon as I had bought it I was waiting for it to come .. I asked for next day delivery but because I was hovering over the order button just double checking I wanted to spend £39.00 on a palette but this wasn’t just any old palette it was an eyeshadow one with beautiful , juicy , fresh looking colours that I wanted to experiment different eye looks with but no not just that better than that, it also smelt of PEACHES 🍑 AS IF ! Oh my days ! This was the best combination I have wanted for ages!
To me this was my first real high end pricey product and I can safely say it was worth every penny! 👌🏽
For 18 shades and a mirror in this god gracious gift of a makeup game changer , £39.00 for the whole of it was 100% worth it all!

This would equal to around £2.17 for each shadow colour excluding the mirror which I think for high pigmented , high quality , beautifully coloured eye shadows is worth it! A high quality product is worth it plus it does what it says on the box ! + instantly makes you fall in love with it! 💫 I don’t know where I’d be without it! It’s something I appreciate and grateful that I have the opportunity to have something so magnificent in my makeup routine !
I use it pretty much most of the time but I said to myself that i cannot waste it , but I’m so drawn to it , it’s hard to not use it on a daily basis , as now I’ve left school my makeup looks will be more of a freedom to experiment with different looks .. which is great! But I use it so often now and not just holidays and weekends like I was doing a month back !

This is definitely a winner for me no competition what so ever  !!! You get what you pay for and you certainly do , I’ve had this since early January and have used this regularly not as much as I do now since I left school but you get a lot of product ! It may not look like it but you do 100% , one colour you can see is starting to wear is the shade ‘Bellini’ it is such a pretty colour but when my best friend comes around she loves it so much and is attached to that shade because it’s such a shimmery pinky shade which you wouldn’t need alot for it to make a impact on your eye look but we both have used it so much you can see that it is used regularly ! But what can we do when you love it!
I’m a huge fan of the smell of it ! It’s just amazing nothing in the makeup industry has ever smelt better !


It is so sweet and fruity , and essence of juiciness which is still the same as I bought it and hasn’t changed since then ☺️

You need to smell it , honestly swear down it’s the best scent ever to have in your makeup collection !!🍑

This is honestly a winner for me 💫💫 such a game changer to the makeup game . ✨✨✨

I think it makes it amazing is that what it is based around is fruit , PEACHES 🍑 YUM

Who doesn’t like peaches 🍑 not me !
I know that in the makeup world there is dupes out there but just this once I wanted to have this because It had been on my wish list for so long and decided that I deserved to get it after so long.
I love dupes too! They are the similar product at an affordable cost which is a bargain which also do the job which I love because I love trying different products ✨

Inspiring to know what’s out there in the beauty category. I have also noticed if you use a eye shadow primer with this palette then the higher the pigmentation you will get even though it’s already fab but also the lasting of the created eye look will also last longer , the movement and blend ability that will be increased also by a use of a eye shadow primer before hand which I also suggest as it does make a huge difference to the created eye look the formula is increased as much better than it already is! You can’t get much better than that ! I like going in my crease with one colour and mix it up and do my base lid another colour I like changing my makeup game up, not a professional at the techniques but you get my flow ( well I hope so )

They suggest the too faced one to you, but I think most eye shadow primers are similar in the industry I use the urban decay primer potion in original but I am down on trying new ones out in the near future.
There is some colours in the palette that have rarely been touched based on the fact they’re something I don’t know what to do with because they’re dark and I don’t know they’ll look like that’s why I’m all about experimenting .. so if someone could let me know how then thanks 🙏 because every time that I try I don’t succeed I fail , it looks like i have a bruised eye ! So if you can do dark smokey looks I praise you!

I love the more pinky and the sort of caramel colours they’re really nice too!

I really love the more ‘peach”pink’ toned shades I think they’re stunning as any other shade but personally i like the way they mirror on my eyes 👀

The palette has a mixture of matte shades and some sparkle shimmery ones , which personally depended on the mood I am in but always down for a good shimmer eye look!

The smell of peaches is just a bonus it not only is still allowing you to smell it with the palette shut but it whooshes my whole room with Peachy goodness which I love! I wish they would bring a scent out with it i would purchase .. purchase .. purchase and spray , spray, spray ! Every second of every day 😍😍

It is a highlight that when I’m applying it I can smell so much coming off one stroke of the incredible product onto my eyelids but after applied there isn’t no lasting smell that lingers around afterwards it doesn’t last otherwise that would be a real treat!
The name of the shades in this palette that feature include the following :

* White Peach

* Nectar

* Peaches ‘n’ Cream

* Luscious

* Cobbler

* Georgia

* Just Peachy

* Candied Peach

* Caramelized

* Bless her heart

* Bellini

* Purée

* Tempting

* Peach Pit

* Summer Yum

* Charmed I’m Sure

* Delectable

* Talk Derby To Me
What great names for great eyeshadows!

My Favourites have to include (i would say pretty much all of them if I could trust me )

* Candied Peach

* Bellini

* Georgia

* Purée

* Summer yum

* Nectar

* Peaches ‘n’ cream

* Just Peachy
In conclusion .. Overall I definitely recommend this product I love it to bits and I am so overwhelmed and happy that I got this when I did because I wouldn’t change it one bit! Love it every time I use it!
I understand it’s a pricey product and there is dupes out there so if anyone knows of any good dupes let me know so I can go check them out it would be very handy! I am really into affordable priced makeup that looks as great as brands such as Too Faced,Benefit, etc can !
In general all makeup looks stunning ✨ ☺️

I love trying out new looks and experimenting on different beauty products ! It’s all fun to find things you love you just have to look and search hard enough to find and get them ☺️

I rate this product a incredible 10!🍑🍑

That is my personal view as each individual had their own and this was my own! I love it so much and everything about it ! I hugely recommend it to you it’s such a beautiful makeup product! Ultimately not going to lie but my favourite makeup product I own and defiantly the best and my favourite eyeshadow palette I own. 
Ps. I know the outer box is a bit tatty but it is only because it’s in my messy draw without  the actual palette just because I hord the product boxes 📦
Which is your favourite shade?

What is your favourite eye shadow palette?

Let me know in the comments🌵

It would be great to see what you like to use and your recommendations?
I will attach some pictures of this wonderful product that I highly recommend and can’t find any faults or cons to this beautiful makeup palette they are all pros for me ! Ps. I used my mum as a model for the shade swatches ☺️ she’s a star ⭐️ so thank you mum!🌸

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my personal review on this wonderful eye shadow palette that I adore !

I would go into more depth and detail but I could talk forever and I don’t want to bore you !

But it would be wonderful if you could follow me on social media to keep updated about my future posts ! And it would be great if we could connect and make friends ! Or if you have any questions or enquiries just get in contact and I will 100% do my very best to help you the best possible way☺️

Social Media:

Twitter : jojodaniellexx

Instagram : ladyjdaniellaa

Snapchat : jojodaniellexx

Blog email : themoodofmakeup@gmail.com
Once again ! I’m one of them people who doesn’t stop saying thank you or sorry but once more I mean it I promise

Thank you so much! I appreciate it so much it means more than I can say!

No doubt I adore writing blogs already!

Is that crazy ?!
Lots of love to you,

Jo, x x x

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11 thoughts on “🍑💫✨||Too Faced|| Sweet Peach Palette ||1st Beauty/Makeup Product Review||✨💫🍑

  1. Looks like a great palette 🙂

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  2. Great review gal! The palette looks amazing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh Thank you so much Ana! & it really is brilliant 🍑💗

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  3. Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Just posted it now! x

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    1. oh my god really ? that means a lot thank you so much Ana I really appreciate it , I am excited to write a blog post about it !! xxx

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      1. You’re very welcome!! xxx

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  4. Oh too faced, love this brand, and this shades look so good and perfect for summer time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I love it ! & yeah they are brill! So pretty for summer! Thank you so much for reading!
      Means a lot
      Lots of love to you,
      Jo , x x x

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  5. I’m in love with too faced products 💞😍 I have a few blushes from there and every time I apply them I just can stop sniffing them 😂 Love that sweet vanilla peachy smell so so much 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them!! Me too😇💛 holy grail! & really?? So jel!!& that is true I do that with my palette I sit there half the time smelling it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ & yes ! So addictive !! Their products are the best!! I’m with you on this one girl !!💕💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

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