πŸ’›My July Top 10 Beauty Hacks – that I’ve actually used this month & ARE successful. πŸ’›

Hello you beautiful people! 

I haven't posted for a few days now but I have had a few things going on so I haven't really had the time to post but I have been thinking of many ideas that I would like to do on future blog posts and planning for then. So I apologise for being very busy the last couple of days but I hope you understand and are looking forward to reading this post.

Also.. Today It is the gorgeous Brad's 22nd Birthday out of The Vamps who I absolutely adore to pieces and have seen him and the rest of the lovely boys  6 times and more in the upcoming future so I thought I would mention it and give him a little shoutout not only because he deserves it but because he is just like totally the best .. so Happy 22nd Birthday Brad so much love! ( that is a short mention ) ( well to me anyways) ❤️ xxxx

Anyways guys I thought seen as we are nearly at the end of July I thought that I would share with you my favourite Top 10 beauty hacks that I have been using this month that actually work! did you hear that? they actually are successful. I love hacks! I really do anything to make things simpler seen as I haven't got any patient to take the long roads on things.. I love finding and looking out to try and find new hacks and testing whether they work or not and some have worked and some have not .. I have lots that I love and I live by because now I have found them I aren't letting go of them! But my TOP 10 this month are some I have picked out especially to mention because they are really good and think that you would all like to know some and what they are and why they are so brilliant. 1-10 in no order.


  • Talcum Powder/Baby Powder Acts As A Dry Shampoo - When you are in need of dry shampoo and are in between washes or just if your hair for any reason is greasy and you need a quick fix then grab some Baby powder because it acts a dry shampoo and it works like a genius it makes your hair look freshly washed. Plus, it also smells great so your hair will smell fresh. In many cases I have washed my hair and applied product to my hair and sometimes it has been too much so my hair goes greasy and i need something to fix it quickly and I discovered this hack and it was a total lifesaver no joke.. all you have to do is apply a few shakes of baby powder to the roots of your hair,  and rub thoroughly and blend with using your hair brush to make sure it has all disappeared into your hair, ( I remember times when I haven't properly blended it in and i have had parts of my hair looking like a misty white grey colour because I was in a rush , but also because I am a div aha) but the Baby powder will help to absorb any oil on the scalp and boost the volume of your hair too, what is better? When you are in a rush then a quick fix is at the hand for you.
  • Coconut Oil as a makeup remover – If you want a natural and effective makeup remover, then look no further and use coconut oil! It does work quick and easy and really well too , although if you have sensitive skin then i would go careful! I have sensitive skin and I had a sort of allergic reaction where my face went all dry in patches , because it is oil and so it dried my skin out where as I wanted something to hydrate it.. but I used more and more , because I always go over the top so if you are going to dry it then don't be like me and use loads, but it worked well it melts your makeup right off but now I use the Clinique  Take the day off cleansing balm because that melts my makeup off and is really good for my skin , but if you're looking for an alternative then coconut oil is a really useful one to know and have to use!

  •  Use Vaseline(Petroleum Jelly) before applying perfume to make the scent last longer-  I have known this for a very long time now and I use this very often and it is very  popular but  if you are wanting a  long last lasting  scent of your favourite perfume then grab some Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) and put some on your wrist and neck and wherever else you put perfume using Vaseline  makes your perfume stay on longer and you will be smelling how you left the house that morning !! I  love using this hack it is really useful if you are in for a long day and need your perfume to stay on longer without having to top it up every now and then whenever it starts to wear off then go get some vaseline and there you go you are sorted. I promise you, I love it!


  • Using Baby Shampoo/(Conditioner) to wash your makeup brushes- This works a treat! I am of one of them people who always forgets because it doesn't spring to mind to wash my brushes 24/7 , I only ever remembering when I sit at my dressing table and I am like ' oh my days my brushes need washing' but I am so ditsy and forgetful so that I keep on forgetting until eventually I remember .. so you can buy brush cleaner but it can be a bit pricey , when brand doesn't really matter as it is only cleaning your makeup brushes at the end of the day and so an affordable just as good even better way is using baby shampoo it makes the left over product in the brushes come right out and the brushes will smell amazing too and they will be super soft ,and because it is baby shampoo it will be okay for your skin and okay for the brushes too, I really love this hack as it works and who doesn't need to know this in their life it is like so handy to know and have! I highly recommend you try this and see for yourself it is quite well known because it works amazingly.


  • Using a Touch of Moisturiser to Lighten up Foundation- Have you ever bought foundation which has been a few shades too dark or without realising picking up the wrong shade by accident? because I have and I have no other option than to use it but it is too dark , I wanted to purchase the body shop lightening drops but it was a bit on the pricey side when all I wanted them for was for a one time use so I used the alternative and googled how to lighten up my foundation and I found a hack to use a touch of moisturiser and you are sorted it makes it a hint lighter .. which is brilliant to know and use when you do a daft thing like me ..
  •  Aloe Vera is a Lifesaver Makeup Primer- As we all know that Aloe Vera ( Hello Vera ) is good to use in the hot summer sun on sunburns to soothe them well hold it right there if you are out of makeup primer then look no further and get some aloe vera and put it on your face not only does it act as a primer but it evens out your complexion and your face will be looking very fresh and even once you've applied your makeup. What more could you want? I certainly love this because I have a naturally red complexion now and then so this helps a huge lot when I need my complexion to be evened out.


  • Concealer will sort puffy, baggy eyes right away – We have all at some point had them sleepless nights, where we have not been grabbing your 8 hours a day , maybe because you were too busy watching the last episode of your favourite tv programme or catching up on youtube videos from your favourite youtubers you just need a quick solution to not look tired and to see you haven't been sleeping, I feel you I am with you on that one , I am totally the same plus it is the summer so who can sleep in this hot over baring weather not me , so grab your concealer but forget about dotting your concealer around your eyes and under them but instead, apply it in a triangular shape, with the base at your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. because this will also hide the redness beneath the eyes and brighten up your whole face and your puffy eyes will be long gone and nobody will ever guess you didn't get your average nights sleep . How Brilliant is that.
  • Baby Powder/Talcum Powder Act as a quick fix deodorant ( get rid of sweaty situations) -  So have you ever been in them situations where you have ran out of deodorant or have no deodorant on you and you are in a bit of a sweaty situation and need to get rid of it quick. Well I have been through things like I am out of deodorant and I have used things like body sprays or body mists or perfume thinking that would work just as good but no it really doesn't that isn't good! So I found out a hack of using a bit of baby powder which absorbs the  moisture, so it can prevent sweat transferring onto your clothing. This is generally not as effective as deodorant but is handy as a short term fix to absorb the sweat and your arms will smell like baby powder.
  • The Fringe Wash- I learnt this hack first of all off of Him & Her the Tv programme  and it is a really good one to know ( although I haven't used this , this month it can still count (I don't have a fringe anymore) but it is handy to know and use if need be so I thought I would share it with you as it is one of the old classic favourites  but if  you want to skip washing your hair but don't want to leave the house with dirty feeling and looking hair then all you need to do is , just wash your bangs. It's easy and so simple to take note of just put the rest of your hair into a ponytail and wet your hands slightly and grab a small amount of shampoo and conditioner, and run it through your fringe, and rinse it out under the tap. It instantly makes your hair look like it has been freshly washed and no-one will be none the wiser but if you have straight hair, it's probably not necessary to dry it with a hair dryer , as your fringe will air-dry in minutes and naturally will look great as it is only the front of your hair. But if your hair is a little bit more unruly and uncontrollable then just quickly blow-dry and style your fringe as you normally would and then you are sorted just quite right.


  • Use Hairspray as a gel on your eyebrows- We all have them awkward sparse brows that really get on our nerves and we just want a quick solution on to sorting them out simply but nothing is working , and I have to admit brow gel is something that I live by it just hold them awkward brow hairs intact and just yeah it is great but also another way is to just spray some hair spray on a spoolie or a eyebrow brush and brush it through your brows it works as a translucent gel which is fab for things like if you have ran out , not got any and you would like to try this hack out , I really like it I will do my eyebrows the way I would normally do by filling them in and shape them and when I misplace my brow gel or run out or forget it I just grab my hairspray from my drawer and we are sorted!

I hope you enjoyed reading through a few of my favourite hacks this month and try some out and let me know of any more hacks that you know that would be handy in the comments ? Or if you do try some of these out or have tried them out then you are very welcome to leave your opinions in the comments then that would be fab!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed !!

Keep Smiling x x x

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4 thoughts on “πŸ’›My July Top 10 Beauty Hacks – that I’ve actually used this month & ARE successful. πŸ’›

  1. Great hacks! Thanks for sharing xx

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    1. Thank you so much Ana!! You’re welcome really enjoyed sharing them with you ☺️ xxx


  2. I definitely need to try the Vaseline one!

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    1. It’s a really good hack!☺️ x


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