– 50 +5 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG 2017-

HELLOOOOO my lovelies…. how you doingggg I hope you are doing well and are ready to learn abit more about me and my very weird way of doing things.. and I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better with me doing a blog post on ’50 facts about me’ and rambling on like I already do i just hope you enjoy reading hehe.. First of all as you can tell already I like to write a lot and witter on and go into a lot of depth I apologise I just like to , plus I don’t get to say everything that I would want to but It is worth a try.

I tagged myself ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was just doing it myself but I want to tag everybody! So I tag you all to do it , it’s a lot of fun!โœจ

  1. I am around the height of 5’3″ ishhh

2.  My shoe size is 5.5 but because I have a high instep sometimes it is difficult so I have to get a 6, or a 6.5 depending on the shoes.. I am very awkward.. but what a bonus that I still get to buy shoes from the childrens section… hooray for junior shoes prices! it is a bonus!

3. My favourite place ever to go is Liverpool, i absolutely love it , i go there all the time, i am currently going on the 14th of August and i cannot wait , it is a brilliant place i love everything about it .. i love the people they are so nice and genuine and i also i love the place it is just a very beautiful place , eeekkk i am so excited … when you bump into someone in the street they are so nice , you apologise and they are really nice and apologise , regardless of whos fault it is but then they start talking to you about your day .. i just love it ! it is honestly so brilliant i just love everything about it and hope to move there in the future , it has so many prospects for the future.

4.  My Best Friend is someone.. …. who is literally like the other half of you.. like an actual sister to you .. her names Lucy but goes by many nicknames.. i would not change her for anything or anyone the things we have been through and done is incredible the memories we have shared so far have been amazing .. can’t wait for more but knowing each other for literally a lifetime is the best and knowing the ins and outs …and each others families story by story i just love her lots and i cannot thank her enough for everything she has done ,  i am very proud of her and will never forget everything we have shared throughout my life and future because i know that she has to be apart of it , because the best thing about life right now is that as long as we have each other we will be okay and we can get through anything! Lucy, we don’t need anyone else we have each other therefore i am happy to have someone so amazing.

5. I live in the UK, in a county called North Yorkshire , in a small village near Filey and Scarborough and Bridlington  but it’s full of countryside .. so many fields I am telling you๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

6. I have just finished my GCSE’s in year 11 and I left school on the 16th of June and went to my prom on the 30th of June ( very stressful .. look out for future blog posts about GCSE stress/school stress and prom stress)  and I am going to college in September ..

7. I have finally made my mind up as I was saying in my blog post ‘Liebster award ‘ I explained in my 11 random facts about me that I have decided to go to college after changing my mind .. to go and study the level 3 extended diploma health and social care , and I’m very excited โ˜บ๏ธ

8. I’m a very messy person but I hate mess? Sometimes I don’t realise it’s messy .. sometimes I do.. I can have a washing basket in my room but have clothes scattered around it , typical… but I hate mess.. I moan and groan but I am just as bad plus I tidy when I notice it’s messy! Grr.. very unorganised , I want to be I’m just secretly so not going to be !

9. I must spend half my life in the bath.. swimming pool.. shower . Drinking bottles of water . anything with water , I am known to my family as the ‘water baby’ I love water , they cannot stop me , I spend hours and hours in the bath, I have multiple baths , I aren’t as bad as I used to be but I remember the longest bath I have had once must of been 4 hours .. just sat relaxing with my Lush products with my music on and face masks on .. I just love cleanliness ! I love the feel of being clean and fresh.

10.  I am a really good swimmer .. one of the things I am proud of myself for .. I went on holiday to the Canary Islands , Furuventura , back in 2007 at Christmas and I wasn’t a very confident good swimmer , and I lost my footing and went under and my friends from on holiday thought I was swimming but I wasn’t I was sort of drowning .. and I didn’t know what to do .. my mum had gone out to the market to get some sun cream and my  dad was watching me on the sun beds messing with his camera .. my friends were supposed to be looking out for me .. but then my dad jumped in like a few seconds later .. felt like forever when I was under though.. despite all that I got swimming lessons when I had come home and I moved up in all the groups I became friendly with all the lifeguards I made friends it was brilliant i was there for 8years + but had to stop going due to family illness .. I wish I had never stopped .. as I moved to the top group ! It was a sort of badge thing , and I had achieved all my badges I was in the highest group you can get to and I was on my silver badge and I lost out on my 2 seconds , but I learnt a lot and I was nearly enough to get into the kingfishers swimming group which competes in competitions but , I’ve had my time when I was in primary school I was always going to the swimming galas with other schools .. and when I moved up to my secondary I was always selected to swim for my house and team with other years , so I’m proud of how far I have come and how I’m not afraid of water despite the setback on holiday! I love water ! You cannot keep me out of it! Something I love doing!

11. I love LUSH! I have an obsession ! I can go in there doesn’t matter which shop and spend money without realising! I am insane I go crazy, I have a lush box full of lush products ! It’s something I will continue on buying for a very long time ! The walk in to lush and you just breathe in that gorgeous smell it’s the best thing ever !

12. I love the scent of petrol/diesel ! Literally when we are at the petrol station/garage I open my door because the smell is amazing!

13. My favourite drinks are , water  ๐Ÿ’ฆ I love bottled water I drink bottles and bottles of it everyday! I also love oasis, appletiezer , coco cola zero , coco cola zero vanilla , I can drink the Pepsi with a hint of vanilla from the Pizza Hut unlimited drinks machine till it comes out of my ears! Oh my god I wish I had one of them in my room!

14. I love candles , I love lighting them, the smell of them , everything! I love the aroma in the room , the scent it lets off , it’s so homely especially in winter it’s so cosy! But I’m not allowed real candles in my new room because of the expensive furtunire so I have to have these real wax ones with batteries and a remote control.. and I can light candles everywhere else in the house .. sad I know but I’ll leave my door open so the smell drifts up..

15. I have a fear of , really high heights .. spiders .. snakes .. holes .. Michael Jackson and David Bowie .. I remember crying at school because people were showing me and sending me pictures of Michael Jackson  because he just scares me . I think they’re great music artists but I just have fears of them. I also have a fear of Velcro .. I despise it. Everything about it .. the feel.. the sound ..and no not .. the sound by the 1975 * cue the music  ๐ŸŽถ * I also hate being in small crammed spaces , and I have many fears but I just thought I’d share these few with you!

16. I’m a typical person for leaving lights on in my house , my mum and dad often say phrases like ‘it’s like Blackpool illuminations in here’ or ‘ do you have money to burn’ etc because wherever I go I leave a trail with the lights left on.. it’s just typical forgetful ditsy me .. I’m sorry ๐Ÿ˜Œ

17. If I really love a song and I’m like obsessed .. I will play it and play it for weeks and weeks even months non stop till I find a new song to do the same and then eventually it will be just a song I’ll listen to , I’m weird , I just will play it and play it constantly ..

18. I must own 100+ bottles of perfumes, body mists , and body sprays , I love them! I love trying new ones out and wearing a mixture ! When I was at school I’d be the person everyone would come to for ‘spray’ j should of been like yeah ‘ and scent for a penny’ I’d be rich! I’d have all different varieties on different days ! I’d smell differently every time and people used to always tell me that they liked what I smelt of or you smell nice and I’d feel so good because of my spray aha! Can I just say that Nicki Minaj’s perfumes are like the best!

19. I am currently following the programme of Weight Watchers and so far I have lost around 2 stone and I’m really enjoying it, it’s hard work and sometimes you can have your down times but in the end it will all be worth it and I will be glad I did it!(blog post will explain more in depth soon)

20. I love reading! I’ve always been a good reader .. and I love it , one of my faveourites is the book series of Georgia Nicholson , along with the film they made Angus thongs and perfect snogging … all of the books from the series are the best! I love the collectionโ˜บ๏ธ there is nothing like a good book.. ๐Ÿ“š

21. I am a really good speller .. I love grammar and spelling . It’s one of my best qualities .. i always make sure I am gramitcally correct because it will annoy me otherwise ..

22. I have bluey green eyes which I love the colour ,  but everyone is always saying they love the colour and sometimes they are more green or more blue but when someone says what colour eyes have you got I will say bluey green but I like the colour so yeah.

23.  I am so clumsy.. I’m really ditsy .. gullible , I didn’t win the most gullible out of my year on the awards from prom for nothing did I ๐Ÿ˜‚โ˜บ๏ธ.. i am scatty but i am ambitious and have a quite different side to myself.

24. When you first know me I may be shy and all awkward and quiet but once you know me I am loud .. funny..(apparently) I  crack myself up that much I could be a comedian … and I can talk for England .. I’m so talkative .. bubbly.. I never shut up .. I’m little miss chatterbox ๐Ÿ˜‚..

25. My mum has kept a book since I was born well 2 big ones now , with everything I’ve won, been awarded, or newspaper articles with me in it .. certificates , assessments , everything you can think of ! Pictures .. everything! Swimming badges .. all sorts and I’m so proud of her for doing that for me as a keepsake , it’s brilliant !

26. I love flowers ! I love floral things! I think it’s super pretty, and I love buying flowers and I like all kinds , so pretty!

27. My favourite cereal has to be , Golden Grahams or Coco pops when you the milk turns into chocolate milk ! Oh my god ! The best thing mmmm!

28. I am rubbish at replying , I’m very slow , and I apologise .. I’m just so on and off , depends on the type of day or the type of mood but I can’t help it ! I’m just really bad.

29. Me and my cousin the same age as me but 15 days older , used to pick daffodils and try and make perfume at the end of our driveway and make a sign saying perfume and pretend we made  perfume, oh the days hehe!

30. When me and my cousin were younger , she was sleeping round mine and we said we were going on the trampoline in our pjs to my mum and we ended up walking down the street in high heels and handbags down to the park and I think we had babies I can’t remember but my mum saw we weren’t on the trampoline because we had got off and gone there so she came looking for us and saw us down the road at the park and so we got in the car and went home , forever on we are both called the bag ladies and we will never forget that , so funny!

31. I don’t like the dark! I have my main lights in my opposite end of my room and then my other main lights in my bed bit of my room but I have 2 dimmer lights under a beam near my bedside .. and so I sleep with them slightly on.. I just fear there could be unknown things .. in the back of my mind anyways..

32. I used to play guitar .. I still have my old one which I used to have when I was younger and I did it again a few years ago so I still have my acoustic one .. and I also have an electric one too.. with a speaker ..

33. I love Youtube and Youtubers . I can go on to YouTube and get lost in the world of magicness .. but I just love it all! Some amazing people who inspire me .. so much

34. I watch Netflix, tv series and films over and over again .. and I never get bored .. until I know it off by word for word .. it’s insane . i end up watching the most strangest of things.

35. As i said in my other blogpost my all time favourite colour that describes me is PINK.. I really do love other colours too but Iโ€™m a bit like Sharpay out of High School Musical! I would of had a pink locker too if i could of done .. everything i own must have a little bit of pink in it i don’t even know .. alot of my things i have or used to own involve or involved PINK. Playstation..DS..Laptops..Tv… Phone .. etc .. in the past and present and definitely the future!

36. I have 3 lobe piercings on each ear and then on my right ear i have a cartilage one too, i also recently a few weeks ago now got my left side of my nose pierced and i absolutely love it.. i have a high tolerance of pain too .. i loved getting it done.. i hope to maybe get more piercings in the future.

37. My star sign is Libra , and my gemstone is sapphire ๐Ÿ’Ž  I’m a September baby which I’m glad about because I love autumn! ๐Ÿ‚

38. When I was younger I used to make stories and write different types of stories .. letters .. etc , I loved writing and I think that is why my favourite subject at school was English language and English literature and why I like writing blog posts and paragraphs and everything so much!

39. I don’t really drink alcohol because I don’t like it that much, and even on special occasions I rarely have a drink of alcohol where as people I know and all my friends drink most of the time and I don’t understand why you have plenty of time when you’re old enough to do that.. I don’t smoke never have never will, and I have never taken drugs and never will.

40. I always find myself shopping for either makeup , beauty products , clothes or silly things but I have bought some things that are sentimental and something I can keep so it’s all good but whenever I go out , I always end up in my local drugstore , spending ages looking and looking for different things to try out.

41. I have many nicknames to many different people, things such as general ones  , Jo, JoJo, JoJo FroFro , Joey, JoJo Danielle , there is meaning behind it.. but these are the main ones in general , but I have more personal more private ones ๐Ÿ˜‚โ˜บ๏ธ but these are what most people are familiar with,

42. My natural hair colour was blondie and when I was younger I had blonde ringlets and really long thick curly hair but as I got older my hair went to a golden colour and then I got highlights then I went brown and then I went to get highlights in a hair salon and it went wrong and it was like I was fully blonde , I’ve also had like Pixie Lott temporary hair colour in Pinks and things but I loved my hair colour just recently it was like my old golden brown dark blonde at the top and it went into like a ashy caramel colour which I loved but I just recently got highlights but my hair is really blonde so I am going back brown in the next couple of days … so hopefully it will be light but then Brown again! Then in a few months get some thin blonde highlights streaks , not too many because my hair is really blonde at the minute and I’m not a huge fan if I’ve got to be honest!

43. I spend alot of my time on social media .. i love keeping in touch with my friends and connecting with different people , i just like interacting and finding new people,

44. I am an auntie to 3 gorgeous nephews , Bret,Lennon and Archie and 2 beautiful nieces , Paige and Dylan, and i couldn’t be any prouder of them.

45. I am the youngest sibling and i live at home with my mum and dad and 3 dogs.

46. my siblings names are, Mark,Dan,Julia,Joanne,Emma and Anna,

47. My family is so big i don’t even know some of my outer relatives..it’s insane.. too many people hehe.

48. I take things to heart too easily.. i don’t like people being blunt with me ..i always feel when people are off with me then i have done something wrong and i cannot help it but say sorry all the time, i worry about anything and everything..

49. Depending on the sweet but in general my least favourite colour sweet will be green and yellow and my favourites would have to be black and red ones.. depending on what they are..and orange ones are debatable under the circumstances.

50. I love making other people smile and help them through things , i like giving them positive vibes and trying to help them solve problems in the best way i could.. i love cheering people up and knowing that i am always there for them through anything and under any circumstances..i will always be there for them no matter what..i am that type of person who is kind hearted and will do anything for you..

Also , I’ve never actually broken a bone ..  I’ve had injuries here and there but never broken a bone ..

I have a thing for butterflies ! Butterfly theme is my thing! My mum shares my passion too! My room has a theme for the past 3 times of accessories etc , wall design , with the involvement of butterflies ๐Ÿฆ‹

I have a thing about graters , I really don’t like cheese graters they give me the cringes I know it sounds strange but it is something I find cringey again another thing is velcro I cannot stand it , it is the sound and the feel and just everything I despise about it , I also hate toast when I wake up in the morning I have this thing where if I smell it I have to open my window , make sure I aren’t wearing a vest top and make sure my hair is tied up I can’t stand crumbs, I will eat it rarely but I just hate it so much..

There is 54 for yah!๐Ÿ’›

50 +5 free๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

There is probably more but here is 50 so i don’t bore you even more i hope you have enjoyed 50 facts about me and i hope you enjoy doing yours if you do decide to do it then i tag you to.. thank you lots xo


Hello Augusttttttt!!




All the very best , best wishes , keep doing what you are doing..

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