||Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash ||Review||

Hello you beauties xo , I hope that you are enjoying the Summer .. mixed opinions from me really.. xo but I hope that you are doing well. xo

This post has been delayed as I have been helping my family move my step grandad into my house for a bit so I apologise as I said I would be posting quite regularly .. so I hope you understand xo

*DISCLAIMER* All Opinions are my own and I aren’t being paid to write this review .. I just kindly got sent this product*

In today’s blog post  I am going to share with you my opinions whilst reviewing this ‘Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash’  that kindly got sent to me recently .. I haven’t personally tried any products from this brand but now I have been checking out their other products that they offer out there and reading all about them.. if you know me I am a huge lush addict and one of my favourite things to try out is bath products I am obsessed.. I love trying and finding new things that I’ll love..

This was very exciting to try out seen as I am a water baby and love the feeling of being clean.. so I was looking forward to trying this product out!  so I have been doing and so here is what I thought….

I love trying new things!

I recommend checking out the range of products that they have to offer! You never know something may catch your eye what may be right up your street! Never say never ..* Que music * Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith*




When you first open it you get an instant aroma of Tea tree it is really strong and fresh scented but you can hardly miss it! We all have our favourite scents so if you are a fan of Tea Tree then this is the one for you! The properties and ingredients that Tea tree includes is very good for the skin and is very beneficial for healthy looking skin!

I was reading up on this product when it arrived and reading all about the advantages that Tea Tree has for the skin and this product states that it is an antiseptic which is good for many different things such as healing common problems.. things such as dryness.. acne… spots.. odour causing bacteria .cold sores .. infections caused by bacteria .. many more ..

This states that this is an all over skin friendly hygiene wash crafted by nature which I think is really handy if you were wanting to have something like this and you were going on short trip away I think this is a really handy thing to take along seen as it is a healing beneficial all over hygiene skin wash which will really help and heal you..

I noticed that when I used it it was a really thin , light  like oily consistency but you get a lot in just this 50ml size and it lathers quite well .. and hardly have to use much to create a lathery soap ..it foamed pretty nicely and felt like I was making my skin feel great  it also made my skin feel really fresh.. revived and smooth .. which was great because it made me feel awake and ready to start the day feeling all clean and fresh!

I felt really refreshed by using this in a morning to make a start to the day and I aren’t normally one for mornings I am more of a night owl but when I awaken I like showering and feeling fresh and cleansed .. so when I have used this it really has deep cleansed me and made me feel really fresh and awake which we all need to wake up in the morning!

It helps to soothe and heal..and condition the skin hygenically whilst restoring natural pH balance.

I also think because it is summer .. and you tend to catch the sun abit *not literally* but like aloe vera I am guessing this may soothe it if you wash in this ? if it is an antiseptic .. but I don’t know..


All of ‘Australian Bodycare’ products I believe are not tested on animals which is great and something I tend to look out for so it was great knowing that this was one of them.

If you would like to check out ‘Australian Bodycare’ and look at other products that they have out there to offer then feel free >CLICK HERE< .. I am defiantly going to be trying out some of their other products when I get the chance to.

I believe when I saw other people reviewing the same they got like a leaflet to say about the benefits this skin wash has but personally I have just gone with what it think about it and just gone with the flow with what I think about this skin wash!


The brand itself ‘Australian Bodycare’ are one of the leading promoters of Tea Tree Oil products  that promote a natural healthy beneficial skin brand for 25 years + which makes you want to try other products of theirs, and some of their other products also include; hand and foot creams , facemarks, Tea Tree Oils, Skin Wash , and much more!

Ranging from body care, facial care , hair care , intimate care and also hand and foot care which gives you a lot of areas to specifically choose from to try out!


I defiantly will carry on using this product until it runs out which when I really like using something I will make it last , but when it eventually runs out and I can’t squeeze any more out then I will be purchasing some more online .. because it is so refreshing for your skin..


I love trying out new things exactly bath and body products as I spend a huge amount of time in the bath because they’re so relaxing and refreshing.. I may be weird but weird is cool..

What are some of your favourite bath products .. ? I’d love to know if there is people out there who share the same obsession as me !!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed my little review on this product and check out this brand and look at other products that they do and let me know if you do and if you would give this product a go I’d love to know !!

Until next time.. xo

Stay Positive.. Keep Smiling.. Be YOU!xo

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4 thoughts on “||Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash ||Review||

  1. I got test a few products from this brand as well, and highly enjoyed their bodywash! I would sometimes get small breakouts on my upper arm, and this helped so much 😀
    Beauty On A Budget

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    1. ahh yeah me too! & ah really so it is good that it helps.. I have sensitive skin and dry sort of eczema rashes some days.. so it is good to know remedies that may help and soothe it xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely review! Xx

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