About My Blog

Hey! Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog ‘themoodofmakeup’ it means alot that you are here reading my blog! I aspire to achieve the dreams I have in my head because we all know to never stop dreaming! I’ve been inspired by many bloggers and youtubers to go and reach out there and believe in myself and that you can do things if you believe! I will be sharing things such as different aspects of including makeup hence the name of my blog ! which plays a big role in my life which moves me onto sharing parts of my life with you , beauty and fashion and all that jazz! the list could go on from here to eternity .. I would love to get to know you! stay and let us have a chit chat ! heart to heart! I will always do my best to give advice and support in any way I possibly can , I will be there if you need me , welcome to my life and I hope you enjoy my content that I will be sharing with you beautiful people.One last thing before me little miss chatterbox stops on rambling on let me tell you one thing.

Never ever let anybody tell you that you cannot achieve something , in the end it is not what they think that matters it is what you know so live life to the fullest and do what you want to do and do not live by other peoples negativity because you don’t need that in your life!

Keep smiling ! Be positive! Be YOU! 

Smile you beauties you know you can do it !!

NOBODY CAN CHANGE YOU , you are beautiful and most importantly you are YOU & that is who you are ✨✨✨

Lots of love to you , Jo x x x

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